We're ready!

I told you last week that I've seriously caught the Christmas bug, and I meant it. This weekend we braved the crowds (they are already huge everywhere!) and bought our Christmas lights. Sorry this photo is so blurry, I guess that's what happens when I try to take a cheery Christmas picture at night.  You can see my Christmas tree all lit up inside and the multicoloured lights outside! I love it, our house is cute, festive and fun. We also have a nice red berry wreath on the front door, but this sad picture doesn't show it.

Maybe I'll be able to get a better picture another day when there's some snow on the ground.

I've got more things to show you but ran out of light today before I was able to take any photographs. I've made lots of progress on my baby blanket, found the perfect buttons for my playful stripes cardigan, took a fun lace knitting class with Anne Hanson this past weekend, I also have a scarf and a hat to share... don't worry, it won't be all Christmas craziness around here this month, I've got lots of knitting going on too!