TFA Tuesday - pfong001's rainbow bright fish hats (alive)

I have tried to make an effort to keep my TFA Tuesday posts varied. Not always choosing projects knit in the same base or by the same knitters, mixing it up. But pfong001 has really made it very difficult for me to do that! She's just got so many amazing and inspiring projects knit out of my Green Label Aran weight yarn. It's hard for me not to feature a new one each week. I've already featured a few of her sweaters for her daughters, and this week, it's hats for her daughters.

Aren't these hats gorgeous!?

This is the Fish Hat (Dead or Alive?) by Thelma Egberts published in Knitty Winter '08. This is a super popular pattern (there are close to 3000 projects on Ravelry!) but I have never felt the need to knit it until I saw pfong001's versions. They are just so bright and cheerful and fun. Her photography is always beautiful (and her kids are too!) I would really like to knit this hat exactly as she did for my niece and nephew this Christmas, I've already set the yarn aside now I just hope I don't run out of time.