TFA Tuesday - flamefingers' log cabin in springtime

This week's TFA Tuesday knit is an absolutely stunning log cabin blanket knit by flamefingers. I love log cabin quilts so it stands to reason that I would also love a knitted log cabin. Not long after I started selling my yarns online, I got an order from a lovely customer for all the colours pictured below. I was beside myself excited about it, not only was it a big order, but it was hands down, totally one of my favorite colour palettes, in fact, the palette is very similar to the colours I chose to knit my first TFA blanket in, my Baby Shane Blanket

This is such a great pattern. On her Ravelry project page, flamefingers refers to it as potato chip knitting! Just miles and miles of lovely, squishy garter stitch striping your favorite colours as you please. This pattern is so versatile, you could keep all the stripes the same width like flamefingers did, or you could change the width as you please and achieve more of a crazy quilt look. You could make one big block, or seam several small blocks together... the possibilities are endless! Especially when it comes to colour options, just the thought of all the beautiful palette possibilities is enough to make me a little dizzy! 

This finished blanket is a real show stopper! Wouldn't you just love to wrap yourself up in it? I think I need to start plotting for my own...