And the winner is.....

Mary-Louise! She shared that her favorite colours are blue and green, which is lucky for her, because this pretty skein of blue/green (and yellow and brown...) yarn is headed straight to her! Mary-Louise, I've sent you an e-mail, as soon as I hear back with your address this skein will be in the mail to you stat.

This was a fun giveaway, I love hearing what everyone's favorite colours are. Looks like I'm not alone in the blue department, but there are also a lot of red/orange/brown fans out there! I will definitely keep that in mind as I dye future colourways.

Chris and I gave ourselves a little bit of time yesterday afternoon to play around with new one of a kind colourways for the Etsy shop. I am very happy with the results. Almost too happy, I am having a very difficult time parting with some of my precious one of kind skeins. Chris had to give me a pep talk this morning to convince me that it was the right thing to do. I gave in and listed them in the shop, but not before putting up a fight!

These three skeins of deep, dark black/turquoise cashmere sock are among my favorite, I just hope that they end up in a good home!