Amber Trellis

I sewed the buttons on my little Amber Trellis sweater yesterday. This sweater is very, very cute. What could be sweeter then a two year boy old wearing an old man cardigan? I love it and can't wait to see this little sweater on the little boy who will be receiving it this December for his birthday.


I love knitting for kids, their knits are so often small, cute, quick and colourful. I have three special kiddo's in my life who will all receive hand knits from me this holiday season. 

I chose to knit this sweater in Amber because I thought that it was a very boy friendly colour, and that t would look smashing with brown corduroys (when I was a kid I wore A LOT of corduroy's and turtlenecks... is that still the case?) I also find that Amber has a real vintage quality to it, it's not as bright and fresh as a lot of my other colourways, but in a good way! It's a brand new sweater, but with an old fashioned, classic look. I picked this warm brown faux-leather buttons to add to the old-school style.


This sweater is lovely, and though I did enjoy knitting it, I did not enjoy all the sewing up when I was done. There was an awful lot of finishing involved for such a little sweater! I did learn some new techniques though, how to do mattress stitch on reverse-stockinet, how to graft cables together, both very valuable lessons. I wasn't thrilled with the bulkiness that resulted from all the seams when I was finished, but a good blocking helped to make everything lie flat and made the seems much less noticeable on the inside.


All in all, a success. I have no idea if it will fit. I always try to size my baby/kid knits on the generous side, that way, if it doesn't fit them right away, hopefully it will fit them soon and for a long time. Plus, the only thing cuter then a 2 year old in an old man cardigan is a 2 year old in an old man cardigan with his sleeves rolled up!

Ravelry project page here.