Vintage Locket

Did you know that I am super sentimental and nostalgic? No day in my life has ever been filled to the brim with more sentimental nostalgic goodness then my wedding day. I wore my mom's beautiful tennis bracelet, the same bracelet my cousin borrowed for her wedding day, so now it carries family wedding day significance. I wore my cousin's veil, perfect, beautiful and sentimental. My flower girl wore the same smocked dress that my mother had made for her own flower girl in her wedding. Literally THE dress, my mom had made it for her niece/flower girl to wear in her wedding to my dad in 1975, when my mom's niece outgrew the dress she got it back and I wore it as a little girl (I just discovered that I was wearing the dress in some family portraits my mom had done of us kids when I was about 3 1/2) then my god-daughter Abby wore it in my wedding! Love that, so special. 

What else... well, I bought the earrings I wore at the jewelry store where Chris bought me my first ever gift, and several gifts since, it's become our favorite jewelry store. Chris and I drank sparkling water out of silver glasses that my parents received as wedding gifts. It was super important to me to have my hair at least partially french braided on my wedding day because as girls my sister and I always had our hair french braided on special occasions, my sister braided my hair on my wedding day and it was absolutely perfect! My wedding dress was borrowed from a knitter, we cut the cake with my grandmother's carving knife, we registered for wedding china for very sentimental reasons... I love objects with a story!

Anyways, all that just to say that I am sentimental, I'm not sure why I thought that it was important to relay all that info to you... but there you go, now you know! 

I recently purchased a vintage locket from a lovely Etsy seller and I think that it too will become one of those beloved, sentimental objects in my life. 

I loved it as soon as I saw it! I love the colour, the whimsical birds, the vintage quality... and I especially love it now that it contains photos of my loved ones.