What a wonderful weekend! Chris, Stella and I spent Thanksgiving weekend with my family. We missed my brothers terribly, but at least we had my aunt and uncle, three cousins, and two kids in town to keep our weekend busy and festive!

On Saturday we went apple picking! What a fun Thanksgiving treat. 

Though we originally planned the apple picking adventure as a treat for the kids, I think that Chris was the one who enjoyed it the most.... I love this picture, he's is eating an apple, holding an apple and picking an apple all at the same time! He's also modeling some very lovely hand knits... more on that another day!

We rode on a cart with benches made of hay, fun!

We stood on stacks of hay, which really seemed to be the high-light! When Abby (almost 5 years old) was asked if she wanted to go apple picking she wasn't particularly interested in it, but when we mentioned climbing on hay stacks her face lit up and she was instantly thrilled!

Lilia also got in on the excitement over hay and did some stack jumping, it was very entertaining.

We also had some Fall fun in the back yard raking piles of leaves and then, of course, jumping in them! 

Mom makes the best turkey dinner in town, we ate like royalty (she baked three kinds of pie for desert, including apple pie of course!) We had beautiful weather all weekend and had such a good time! We have much to be thankful for. 

The only thing I am not thankful for is our run-in with a skunk on Saturday night... Stella and I got sprayed by a skunk right on our front porch! I was traumatized, so was Stella. Right now I am not thankful for skunks.