TFA Tuesday - Greenerknits' Tanis Annis

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week's TFA Tuesday inspirational knit makes my mouth water, it's just so lovely, squooshy, pretty, teal-y, gorgeous! I love it! It's Greenerknit's Annis Shawl knit in TFA Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn in Teal. Mmmm. Perfection!

According to her project page, Greenerknits knit this shawl with only one skein of yarn! The pattern calls for 400 yds and this yarn is 375 yds per skein, so it must have been a close call! But definitely worth it, I love a one skein wonder, especially now that the Christmas knitting season is starting to weigh down on me, high impact, low yardage projects are always high on the list!

I have yet to knit with Teal myself, but this beautiful specimen makes me want to cast on for some Teal coloured goodness right away! I love the pops of purple in this colourway, it really shows up nicely in the Cashmere base. Perfect pattern, very snuggly yarn, a match made in heaven! And isn't Greenerknits photography beautiful!? The inspiration never ends...