DIY Headboard

I have wanted to make an upholstered headboard for years! I never got around to doing it in any of our apartments because they always seemed too temporary for me. I didn't want to commit to the work and the fabric for a space that I wasn't going to be in for that long. I wanted to wait until we had our house, a place that we would stay in for years, and then do the master bedroom up in style! Our home is by no means fully decorated, but we do like to tackle little DIY jobs here and there (like our DIY china cabinet!) I have a very long list of projects to keep us busy, this weekend we finally tackled the headboard. 

I am doing everything in my power to make sure that our master bedroom is not blue. Its honestly a problem I have. The main floor of our house is all whites, greys and blues. I love it, they are definitely my favorite colours for interior spaces, but even I think that doing every single room in our house in the same three shades is a bit much. So, I have committed to doing the bedroom in colours taken from our beautiful wedding quilt. I just just realized that I never blogged about this gem, my awesome cousin and aunt joint forces to make Chris and I this beautiful quilt for our wedding. I absolutely love it and though it's not blue, it's still very much within my comfort zone of cool greens and purples.

The fabric we chose for the headboard is Joel Dewberry's Tile print in Celery, from his Ginseng collection. I love this print. It's graphic and geometric and interesting, but still calming and easy to live with. The green was a real stretch for me, I was very tempted to go the grey/beige route, (this same print in Stone is really pretty) but when I saw this colourway on sale and pictured it working with the green in the quilt and bringing some life to the space I decided to go for it! Chris loves the green, I still need to get used to it, Stella had no problem making herself right at home with it.

I am undecided about the Drawing Room pillows with it, sometimes I look at the bed and think that the pillows create just enough tension to make the whole thing work without being too matchy-matchy, and other times I think that they just don't go... we'll live with it for a while until I can make up my mind, what do you think? Eclectic good? or clashing bad?