TFA Tuesday - Crochet edition

This week's TFA Tuesday post is different than most for several reasons. First, I'm featuring two projects. Second, they are both crocheted. And third, this is the first post to feature objects not found on Ravelry.

These beautiful photos popped up in my inbox one day. Shireen sent me a note just to let me know that she had worked with my yarn and had enjoyed it. She sent along these shots to show me what my yarns had become in her capable hands. I love to see what people have come up with for my yarns. I usually browse Ravelry to see what inspiring knits are out there, but to have something show up in my inbox is a real treat. If anyone out there has a project that you think I might like, please share! I'll never get tired of it!

This purse is too cute. She's used a heavier dark brown yarn held with a strand of my Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in Mallard for the body and then Mallard alone for the flower embellishments. The leather strap, the ribbon and the button detail, along with the flowers of course, really make this purse look finished and professional.

Shireen also worked up a gorgeous beaded shawl in my Blue Label Fingering weight yarn in Grape.

All I've ever crocheted are granny squares and circles, so this is very inspiring to me!

Even more, Shireen made up both patterns as she went along. I love that type of originality and boldness. It takes guts to trust your instincts and design for yourself, and its not easy. But when it works, clearly the results are well worth the effort!