Yay knitting!

Knitting is my favorite way to pass the time. I love knitting, 98% of my free time is spent knitting. But I have a secret, a strange aspect of my personality that I don't understand. The thing is, in my regular life I knit for pleasure, for relaxation, for fun and I knit all the time, but every once in a while, when life is crazy hectic and then I finally get a rest, I can't seem to make myself knit! Its weird, I've noticed it in the past when I'd go on summer holiday with my family at my cottage. I'd pack a weeks worth of knitting and then not touch it the entire time I was away. Or over Christmas, I'd be busy and stressed out for weeks before Christmas, but really looking forward to time off to sit and relax and knit, I'd line up my knitting projects, and then go a week without even so much as looking at my knitting bag. At any other time, a week without knitting would be torture! But for some odd reason, when I go full out for months, and then finally get a week off for a break, I pretty much go comatose, as a knitter at least.

Thats precisely what seems to have happened to me since my wedding. I was looking forward to getting back to life as usual, having my free time back to spend knitting interesting projects. But I couldn't! I couldn't force myself to want to knit. I would sit, nap, watch tv, garden, sit outside, draw, paint furniture, read (I read all 4 Twilight novels in roughly a week! Awesome!) but I could not knit. I was actually starting to get a little worried that for some unexplainable reason my married self was no longer interested in knitting!

Slowly but surely I started to get the spark back. I was inspired by a few colours of yarn sitting next to each other on the shelf and tempting me to come up with a plan for them (which I have by the way!) I started to re-focus on my summer knitting goals, I carefully wound a skein into a cake and sat it on the arm of the sofa next to some needles just waiting to be cast on.

Finally, it worked! Yesterday I woke up, shook myself out of this daze that I've been in, promptly cast on for 2 projects and worked out the details of a third. I'm back! And I'm so excited about it!