TFA Tuesday - Psychedelic Sweater

This sweater is nothing if not inspirational. I love looking at it. I love that this mom had the guts to see this yarn and say to herself "that should be a sweater for my son." And I love the photo of the boy wearing it, he looks proud of his cool, psychedelic sweater.

This sweater was knit by Daisan (on Ravelry, blog, project page) in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in the very bright and very psychedelic Prism colourway. I'll admit, some people might not be into the way that the yarn pooled on the sleeves, or the intensity of the colours in the sweater, but I admire anyone who dares to knit a sock yarn sweater and the boy who wears it proudly.

This sweater inspires me to take chances with my knitting!