Making room

I haven't shown very many (if any) shots of the inside of my house yet, the reason is that though we have pretty much unpacked everything, the place is still not quite camera ready. The rooms are spacious and lovely, the paint colours are perfect, but today it looks like a wedding planner exploded on the dining room table, and like a crazy yarn lady through her stash all over the office floor. And with very good reason! Chris and I are putting the final touches on the wedding (which is exactly one week from today!!! I can't wait!) With the help of my awesome sister and maid of honour, Lilia, we had a very productive day yesterday. We made the place cards, we bought the centerpieces, we bought my bridal shoes and a ton of new makeup! I may have gotten a little carried away in the MAC store... All in a very good days work.

Today we took a break from all things wedding and finished mailing out all the orders that we've been working on lately. Now we're all up to speed and we can take next week off to really bask in the wedding fun! Family will start to arrive in town on Wednesday, more on Thursday, rehearsal dinner on Friday and then we tie the knot on Saturday!

After the wedding, when we've taken a little time to relax and enjoy our first couple of days of being married, we'll get back to work and will hopefully have some time to work on injecting a little bit of "us" into the house. I have stamped my mark on at least one wall already; voila the wall of silk!
I was so smitten with it after the show we decided to put one up in our office. Its a nice rest for my eyes when I need a break from staring at the computer screen.