Finally, some knitting

It's been way too long since I've blogged about any actual knitting I've been doing. The reason why is pretty simple, my knitting these days has not been particularly interesting. The other day I finished a plain pair of socks. They are lovely, comfortable, not exactly thrilling, but just fine. They will make a nice addition to my ever growing sock gift drawer.


I am quite pleased to be able to take FO shots outside in my back yard now. If I wanted to do outdoor FO shots while living in my apartment I either had to plan a trip out to my parents house, or risk looking like a crazy person wearing shorts, a tank top and wool socks with no shoes, taking photos of my feet in the park... I have no problem knitting in public, but photographing socks in public is a bit trickier.


And because I'm on a role I've started another pair of boring socks... I think that makes three in a row now! I've really upped the anti with this pair by working them on more stitches so they will be man-sized and doing them in a 3 x 1 rib. Exciting!