the countdown to the Frolic is on!

Its hard to believe that last year's Knitter's Frolic is already a full year gone, and that this year's is but one week away! Last year was my first ever show, it was exciting and new and nerve wracking! And FUN! I was amazed at how many awesome knitters came out to the Japanese Cultural Center, and how many new knitting friends I made. At last year's show, mom and I had no idea what we were doing. We spent a lot of time figuring things out. Now that we're going back for a second year, though we're far from experts, we have a much better game plan. Here is last year's booth:

This year, we are upping the ante with a double booth! Twice as much space! I have twice as much stuff... so it makes sense, but mainly, I wanted to give the shoppers (and us!) a bit more breathing room, things got very crowded, very quickly in our little booth last year, so this year I hope to have a more spacious feel.

Last year, pretty much all I had at the show were my 4 superwash merino yarns. So much can happen in a year, now I have the silk yarn, 2 roving's (superwash merino and silk) 3 kits and a new fabulous cashmere sock yarn which will be making it's debut next weekend. Not only will my booth be twice the size (and contain twice as much stuff!) but I'll also have proper shelving and (hopefully) clearer display, it should all look a little more professional. I am really looking forward to it all, and trust me, I'll have tons of photos to share with you when I get back.

I'm also bringing 5 new colourways to the show: Cobalt, Teal, Velvet, Poppy and Sunset.
They will be available on the website next weekend for those of you poor souls who can't travel to Toronto to attend the show. I am loving these colours. I've already knit with Velvet and have plans to bring Teal or Cobalt with me as a traveling sock project for the road to Toronto. These new colours will be available in all my yarn bases. Hope you like them!

Another new addition to my booth at the show is my sister Lilia!

Lilia will be helping us out this year and I can't wait for her to see first hand what we've been talking about. Lilia is also a knitter, so she's going to be a big help!

Well, now I'm off to finish putting together kits and continue labeling skeins... we're almost ready for the Frolic and I just can't wait! Hope to see many of you there!