TFA Tuesday - Mondo Cable cardi

I can't remember if the first time I saw this project on Ravelry I realized that it had been knit with my yarn... but I do remember loving it instantly! 

This is the Mondo Cable Cardi by  ExecutiveKnitter, knit in TFA Green Label Aran weight in Stormy.

I think that this project is successful and inspiring for several reasons, it's beautiful and totally wearable, the collar and the cable add lots of interest and are a really great scale. The colours in the yarn don't distract from the motifs and the motifs don't mask the colours, it's a perfect match of pattern and yarn.

I think that my favorite thing about this project is the fact that ExecutiveKnitter (the name says it all!) achieved the ultimate goal of not only knitting a totally wearable sweater out of hand dyed yarn, but also a sophisticated sweater. Sophistication and hand dyed yarn aren't words that often get strung together. We more often think of hand dyed yarns as cute for kids and accessories, but this piece proves that by combining the right yarn with the right pattern in the right colourway (I can't guarantee that this project would look as polished and sophisticated if it were knit in Orange Blossom!) hand dyed yarns can result in very chic and fashionable knit wear.

I want to knit one for myself, my little sister, my cousin and my mom, I love this sweater!