TFA Tuesday - bird themed knee high socks

This next TFA Tuesday featured knit pretty much speaks for itself:

Honestly, a super beautiful, impressive, difficult pair of colourwork knee high's!? If these don't make your jaw drop, I don't know what will! These socks were knit by pSTATqueen (on Ravelry.) Find her project page for these socks here. These socks were knit using TFA Blue Label Yarn in Garnet and Louet Gem's Pearl in Balck. 

The purpose of TFA Tuesday is to be inspired by other peoples knits, so for me, these socks certainly hit the mark. If you read pSTATqueen's project notes on Ravelry you'll learn that this was her first pair of toe up socks and that despite that, she improvised parts of the design to better suit her needs. I think you'll also find that she has a very casual and relaxed approach to knitting such a complicated pattern, she admits to having made little blips in the pattern, but not badly enough that anyone would ever notice, so she didn't bother ripping back for the little things. I think that is awesome! If you go into a project with an open mind and the notion that you will be ok if things don't end up totally perfect, I think you are far more likely to succeed in the long run, and to be happy with your results.

These socks are beautiful and if I had them I would do exactly what the model in the photos is doing, I would wear them outside with bare legs and no shoes for everyone to truly admire!