on the bright side

It was less than a year ago that Chris and I moved to this great, bright, spacious apartment on the top floor of our building, the penthouse if you will. We were very excited about the move, and this place has served us well. But once again I've gotten myself into the very unfortunate position of having to sublet my apartment. I hate being responsible for finding a tenant. I don't know why, I've done it twice before and both times everything worked out just fine. I really do believe that our apartment is a lovely place to live and whoever ends up here will be happy, it just feels like a lot of pressure, it makes me feel like a salesman. Anyhow, the bright side of all of this is that each time we have moved we've staged the apartment and taken some pretty flattering photo's of the space to show it off on Craigslist.

Its nice to have a few photos to remember each space by as we move on.

This last photo I did not include in the listing. The house has a basement, so soon, instead of just having a "yarn room", we will have an entire level of our living space devoted to yarn!

Our new house has plenty of beautiful features and is light and bright, but I know that I'll miss the 10 ft high ceilings and the amazing light quality that this place has. So though I'm not thrilled at having to tidy up and organize a sublet, on the bright side it is the perfect excuse to take a few photos and capture this place where we've spent 10 months of our lives making memories.