Big News!

You may remember me casually mentioning from time to time that Chris and I have been house hunting. Well, the hunt is officially over. We bought a house! This week has been crazy! We saw the listing Monday afternoon, visited the house Monday evening, put in an offer and had it accepted by Monday night! We've spent the rest of the week getting paperwork in order, having a home inspection done, and being pretty much flabbergasted at what just happened. We are very excited, its much better than what we ever thought we could afford, its in our perfect neighbourhood and is pretty much move in ready... which is great news since we'll be moving in mid-May, less than a month before the wedding, so we won't really have time to deal with much home improvement right off the bat.

So there you go! I still can't really believe it. It feels like for years Chris and I have been dreaming about "one day" way off in the future, when we would own our own little house, with a yard, a place to plant herbs and for the dog to run around. We feel so lucky.

My knitting/blogging time might be a little scarce for the next little while. With the show, the move and the wedding coming up I've got a lot on my mind. I've got an idea for a new blog segment that will keep this place from being too silent. You'll find out more about that on Tuesday. For now, I'm content just to sit and knit plain socks in colourful yarn and dream about sitting and knitting in my new house soon!

Happy weekend!