All over the place

I am knitting my third silk shawl for my third bridesmaid. This time I chose the awesome Aeolian Shawl and I'm knitting it in Plum.

I love this pattern so far! Just enough nupps, just enough charts to make it really interesting and oh so pretty. I don't have a WIP shot today, its raining and grey, plus it is at the stage where it just looks like a purple blob of bumps and holes. I'm on the edging now, I'm working the Alternative Narrow Edging not because I'm worried about running short on yarn, but because I think that I prefer it.

As usual, things are crazy around these parts lately. I feel like I need to stop saying that and just accept the fact that busy is my normal (and only) speed! The Toronto Knitters Frolic is coming up in a month, so I'm revving up to start getting all that organized. I love the Frolic, last year was my first year and it was so much fun! So I'm definitely keeping my drying racks full of yarn, yarn for the show, yarn for orders, either way I'm surrounded by yarn, so sure I may be busy, but I live in a cloud of yarn! I'm not complaining!

To ease my racing mind sometimes I need to knit plain stockinette socks. After knitting these socks I was reminded of this ball of yarn that I've had in my stash for a couple of years now:
Gradual colour shifts, bright shades, just what I need when the Aeolian charts seem like more than I can handle. I've got one sock down, one to go.