Starting the day off right!

I just love starting my day off with a cup of coffee. I dream of one day having a cappuccino machine, but even then I think I would brew some good ol' regular coffee in the morning and then enjoy a latte with my afternoon snack. Coffee has been made even better lately thanks to my new mug, the Stella mug, I just love waking up to that silly little face!

This mug actually belongs to Chris. I have become the queen of giving Chris gifts that I like as much (ok, maybe even more) than he does. For his birthday I gave him a stylish new desk chair for our office, a chair I'd been eyeing for a while! (It was on sale significantly when I bought it! I swear I didn't spend that much on a chair! Also, ours is white.) Next, since he's the cook in the family (did you know Chris cooked professionally for over 10 years, stopping just recently to join me at TFA? Best quality ever in a partner.) Anyways, so since he's the cook I bought him a beautiful red Le Creuset enamel pot for braising and roasts and what not, a pot that I have admired in cooking stores since I was a teenager. And then, the other day, this mug. I was ordering some prints on Kodak gallery and then totally fell for the trap that they set up for you at the end where they suggest other items you should buy. I've never had a custom photo mug before, I think it could get weird if all our mugs had photo's of us and our pets on them, but one mug is ok right?

I swear I'll have some good knitting content soon! Spinning up this 3-ply that I've been working on and knitting faithfully on one sock project has made for some pretty boring blogging as of late. But the 3-ply is almost done and the sock has had plenty of alone time with me, it's time to start something new!