the little things

I've had a bit of a stressful week. Things are leveling out now and after several phone calls to my mom I'm gaining a bit of perspective. But being an adult is tough! Planning a wedding, running a business, house hunting... all stressful! People had told me to expect the occasional meltdown when the whole wedding planning process started, I haven't had any major freak outs yet, but I came pretty close on Wednesday. Y'know how Chris and I spent forever making our own wedding invitations? Well, on Monday we had them all stuffed, sealed, stamped and ready to mail, Chris brought them to our regular post office, mailed a few orders and then dropped nearly 100 wedding invitations in the mail bin. Janice, our lovely full time post office manager, saw him mailing all the invites and as he was doing it she noticed that they looked rather substantial. So, she pulled one out of the bin, measured it and weighed it and wouldn't you know, they were too heavy! They needed extra postage! By this time Chris was long gone, so Janice fished through the entire bin, pulled out every last invite and put them aside for me. I was back at the post office on Wednesday and nearly had a heart attach when she handed me this big pile of envelopes! I am SO relieved that she did though, because had she not taken the time to check they would have all been mailed and in about 2 weeks they would have all come back to me with big black X's on them and the words "insufficient postage" scribbled all over them! It would have been a disaster! It was just a little thing, but the fact that she took the couple of minutes to do that for me really saved me a lot of grief, and potentially also saved my marriage!

As a little thanks, I picked up a cute potted violet on the way to the post office this morning. I wanted to let Janice know how much I appreciated what she did. When I handed her the flower, just a little token of my appreciation, she looked like she was going to cry! I think I made her day! It was such a little gesture, but it had a wonderful effect. And of course, it made my day knowing that I brightened up her day.

I finished spinning the 3 bobbins of singles that I need to make my first ever 3-ply yarn. Pretty right?

I'm so impressed that even after hours of spinning all three bobbins have the same colour order. I know that it only makes sense that they should all be the same, I divided the roving into three lengthwise in order to attempt to spin 3 singles that changed from one colour to the next at the same rate. But I didn't really think that it would work! Between roving tearing, Stella walking through it, and me just messing up, I figured that I'd inevitably have three lovely but different looking bobbins. The fact that they match is another little thing that makes me very happy.