My first Sweetheart Sock is off the needles, I love it, but in spite of my best intentions have yet to cast on for the second sock... and now I'm really tempted to start a few new projects that I've been thinking about. I'm sure I'll make this sock a partner, I'm just not sure when.

The other day I mentioned that I wanted to start spinning with a purpose. I think I may have found my first purposeful spinning project. Check this out (Ravelry link). Isn't it just beautiful!? I've just recently discovered Stacie's blog and am so inspired by her spinning. She has many beautiful shawls made from single-ply hand-spun yarn that gently and fluidly shift from one colour to another. For my next spinning project I'm going to aim for something similar. I'll probably use one of these roving's (from Diak Craft):

I think that pretty much any of them could result in a stunning shawl (asuming I can figure out how to spin a single-ply laceweight yarn!)