After writing a couple posts about all the things that I would like to make this Fall, I decided that I had done enough talking and that it was time to start making! So yesterday I sat down and spun this lovely little skein.

It's Fleece Artist 50/50 merino/silk roving in the cosmic dawn colourway. I had never spun a silk blend before, so that was neat, I didn't find it that difficult, maybe it was a little bit more slippery but also a little more shiny which makes the slipperiness worth it. I tried a different spinning technique, normally I don't plan, I just start spinning singles, and then ply them together however they end up and that's that. This time I attempted to match up the colour changes, so instead of having a muddy multicoloured barber-pole style yarn, it sort of works through the colour changes in waves. I was actually pretty successful! I was shocked at how well the colours in my two single lined up when I was plying, I'm looking forward to knitting with it to really see how the colour works. I've got a 50g skein with 123 yds of light worsted weight yarn. Lovely and soft.

Speaking of lovely and soft, I also cast on for the first of several hat projects I have planned for Fall. My blue Beaumont beanie.

The colour change from one blue to the next is not as subtle and gradual as the one pictured in the pattern, so mine will be different, but hopefully still nice. I think that with a little bit of wear the angora in the yarn will start the fuzz up and blend the colours a bit more. It's a fun knit, the yarn is really nice, but I'm worried that the beanie size may end up being too big for me. I've learnt that I'm not much of a slouchy beret person. I've tried and knit slouchy hats, but then I never wear them... At least Chris has a big head, so if this ends up too big for me, he can wear it!