Weekend knitting

This weekend I'm going to Canmore, AB to attend my cousin's wedding. I can't wait! My whole family will be there, which is awesome, I've never been to Alberta, so that's cool too, and Heather and Sean are so happy and in love that celebrating their wedding is going to be a really great time. So of course, a weekend away means that I've got to get all my travel knitting organized. I'll be bringing my second Seastone Leyburn sock, it'll be finished in no time. The second sock seems to somehow be decidedly more yellow then the first... these crazy socks just got a little bit crazier!

Because there's a good chance that I finish this pair even before we take off, I've got another skein of STR lightweight wound into a cake ready to be cast on for the next pair of Leyburns, this one in the lovely and slightly more restrained Gypsum colourway.

I'm also planning on casting on for a new sweater for Stella. I'm torn as to what yarn to knit it in. I've narrowed it down to 2 stash options, I'm pretty sure that both will eventually become Stella sweaters, it's just a question of which one first. Option number one is my own aran weight yarn in an "accidental" colourway:

It's very similar to Stormy, but with a brighter blue, I quite like it, and think that it would make a lovely sweater. The next choice, which is what I had originally intended to use before I remembered that I had the above skeins, is Araucania Yarns Magallanes, 4 skeins that I picked up on super sales at Elann a while back.

Is it just me or are those 4 skeins pretty dramatically different? I knit a swatch with it and it knits up quite nicely, really subdued turquoises and browns. I think I'll probably make Stella's sweater out of the second option, it's already wound into cakes and is all ready to go, and I can't really see myself knitting anything else with it, so this is just the use for it.

And just incase you've forgotten how cute my little Stella is, here she is sitting with me as I eat an apple. She loves apples and sits like this every time I eat one. It cracks me up!