Collection complete!

After months of working on my rovings I've finally got samples of every single one of my colourways dyed and photographed in my superwash merino! Until recently I was missing only these last two, my new colourways, Lemongrass and Deep Sea:

Now I just have to take some time to get them listed and I'll have superwash merino rovings for sale in my Etsy shop.

I'm also very close to having a whole bunch of kits ready to list. I wasn't prepared for how popular they would be and ran out of yarn really fast! But more yarn should be here soon and I can start dyeing, winding and kitting up plenty of kits, so check my shop in a week or two to find Fiddlehead Mitten Kits and Baby Shane Blanket kits available for purchase.

I've been knitting a bit too, I almost finished my Beaumont beanie, but wasn't happy with it so I frogged the whole thing! I'll try again on smaller needles, and maybe with only 2 colours instead of 3, I didn't like the way the colours I chose were working together. The yarn is lovely to work with though, so I don't mind trying it again.

Happy knitting!