Sparkle Fresh Beret

Just a couple of happy hours of easy knitting and I'm finished my sparkle fresh beret. Last night was chilly and I wore it while I walked my dog. I'm pretty sure everyone I walked by was quite taken by it, I noticed a lot of heads turning, but that may just have been because the light reflecting off of my sparkles was blinding them... either way, I felt special.

I'm usually a pure wool type of knitter, but I'm growing very fond of new-to-me fibers like silk and bamboo (and apparently sequins!) The pattern was really simple, it's really the yarns that make this hat interesting.

I think it's just the thing to brighten up a dull Fall day.

Last weekend when I asked my goddaughter what her favorite colour was she answered "pink, purple and multicoloured!" I think my answer is "blue and sparkles!"