Fiddlehead Mitten Kits!

I'm just about ready to pack up the van and head to Kitchener for the K-W knitters fair. I'm spending today just finishing up the final touches, crosses the last couple of things off the list (who am I kidding, I'm crossing the last hundred things that I left until the very last possible minute off the list!) One of todays tasks included packaging up my Fiddlehead Mitten Kits. I've got 4 colourways. I'll let the photo's do the talking:

Jewel Tones


Pinks & Purples


If you've visited this blog before, you can probably guess that the last one is a personal fave of mine. I love blue! For those of you who can't make it to Kitchener this weekend, I've got my Kits for sale on my Etsy site.

Today I also labeled my Thrummed Mitten Kits:

The kits will come with a pattern to knit a lovely fluffy mitten like this one:

This too will make it to my Etsy site soon. But not yet!

In other mitten news, I'm working on a pair of Verspergyle Mittens with my two new colourways, Lemongrass and Deep Sea, both colours will be accompanying me to the show, available in all 4 weights of yarn.

I really like the pattern, I predict I'll be knitting a couple pairs of these before Christmas.

And Lastly, here is the last of my wonderful mom's summer knitting projects. She knit a great pair of socks in my Blueberry colourway, they will be on display in my booth, along with my mother, this weekend at the show.

Wish me luck! I've got a bit more running around to do and then bright and early tomorrow morning we'll be hitting the road. Hopefully I'll see a lot of you there, and if you won't be there, I'll have a full update early next week!

Happy weekend!