My mom is a knitting star part 2

Another project that my mom worked on for me this summer is a lace weight version of Brooklyn Tweed's Girasole.

She knit it on 3.25mm needles using just under one skein of my Pink Label Lace Weight yarn in the Jewel colourway, (there were 15g left.) It was tough to get photo's of because I didn't have a white sheet handy to lay the shawl on, so I used a white board but couldn't fit the entire shawl on it... I'll try to get some better photo's soon, it's lovely and drapey and these photo's do not do it justice.

As you can see, my mom is clearly a very clever knitter. She used to knit a lot, I've even got some of her old sweaters to prove it, but then she had 4 kids and apparently that's enough to really get in the way of ones knitting time. Which makes sense, because I don't recall my mom spending much time sitting around twiddling her thumbs, she was always on the go, doing stuff with us or for us, bringing us places or picking us up. It's really nice now that we're all grown up she's finding a bit more time to spend doing things for herself.

Although knitting samples for me might not exactly qualify as doing something for herself... Although I promise to give this back to her after the show, I may have to borrow it again for the next one! Hopefully her next knitted project will be something she won't have to share!