Everything I know I learnt from my mom.

My mom taught me how to knit years ago. Growing up, she was always more of a sewer than a knitter, she made every important dress I ever wore, from kid party dresses to Christmas dresses to my high school graduation dress. She didn't knit much though, in fact I think that she still has a little cardigan that she started making for my older brother when he was a baby that has yet to be finished (my brother is now 27 years old.)

Luckily, she's taken up knitting again. I like to think my influence had a little something to do with it. This summer, before she left for the cottage she packed a couple skeins of my yarn as well as some patterns and kept busy all summer long. She knit this gorgeous Woodland scarf out of my Blue Label yarn in Stormy.

It looks great, and will be perfect in my booth at the K-W fair to show people just how far one skein of sock yarn will take you. It's not very wide, but it's the perfect long skinny scarf for Fall.

The problem with knitting such lovely samples is that I just know that I'm going to want to wear this scarf come Fall, and then the next time a show comes around I'll have to get my mom to knit me another sample. Its a vicious cycle!