Baby Shane Blanket Kits!

This morning I got up and checked my e-mail while I drank my morning coffee like any other day. But what a surprise I had waiting for me in my inbox! Loads of positive comments on my Baby Shane Blanket! I wondered why all of a sudden people were looking at it, and soon discovered that a huge honour had been bestowed upon me... Kay over at mason-Dixon knitting had not only seen the blanket, she liked the blanket AND she gave me a shout out on her awesome blog! What a thrill!

I had always intended on putting kits together in several different colourways for sale in my shop but hadn't yet gotten around to it. This was just the motivation I needed to spend some quality time with my yarn and sort out 8 different colourway options:

Pastel Rainbow

Pinks & Purples


Red & Orange


Jewel Tones

Yellow to Blue

and of course: the Original colourway

I know my colourway names aren't particularly inventive, but I prefer to keep them simple and clear. Thanks to all those who visited my blog and left such lovely comments. If you'd like to make your very own Baby Shane Blanket, now you can!