My knitting cousin

Meet one of my favorite cousins, Louise:

I love her for so many reasons, her sense of humour, her great sense of style (she showed up at my place today with the latest issue of Knitscene and questions about how to get started on the same sweater I want to make in that issue.) I love her pretty hair, the way we can spend countless afternoons together doing nothing but somehow always filling the time with talking and laughing. Now I love her even more, because she knits, and she knits really well! A while ago she gave me a call and told me that she really liked the socks that I had knit her for her birthday, and she thought that she might like to try and make some herself. I sent her a care package of sock yarn, and now, less than a year later, she's knit at least 8 pairs of socks, including some pretty fancy ones! She's modeling her Spring Forward socks in a one off colourway that I dyed a while ago.

It was really nice to get to spend the day with my cousin. Today I sent her off with more sock yarn and some lace weight yarn, I can't wait to see what she makes next.