Back to reality

I'm back from a whirlwind vacation at my cottage in Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. We had an amazing time. My whole immediate family was there, plus significant others, plus dogs, plus a whole lot of extended family!

The week went by way too fast and I now understand why so many people insist on taking two weeks instead of just one. One week is definitely not enough! I really needed a break though, I was really run down. I was so exhausted that I didn't even knit a single stitch while I was away. I brought only one sock in progress to work on, but spent all of my time reading, sunning, swimming, hammock-ing, eating, cocktail-ing and playing instead. A week away from real life is always great, now I'm back in Montreal and really ready to tackle my work! This morning Chris and I went to Home Depot and to Ikea and were home before noon, now to set up the apartment and hopefully et the place looking like a home rather then a storage space by the end of the day! Wish us luck!