Temporary chaos

Things certainly have been keeping me busy these days, which I'm quite happy about. I love when my drying racks look like this:

It makes me feel very productive. Also, when my racks are full it usually means that I've got orders, which is always a good thing!

Other then dyeing, I've been painting and cleaning my new apartment. Moving is always so much work! I've been knitting in the evenings to help me unwind after long days of dyeing and painting. I'm currently spending all of my knitting time working on Gale (aka: Nightsongs):
The pattern is lovely, though not very clearly written, I had to do a bit of research on Ravelry before figuring out how the chart worked, but once I did, it's really very simple. I'm knitting it in a lovely 100% tussah silk yarn from a Silk & Shine on Etsy. I've never knit with a yarn like this, and I think I love it. I can't wait to get it blocked. It is super shiny, the colours are deep and rich, really beautiful. You can see the shine better in this photo from the Esty listing:

It's no wonder I was drawn to this colour, it looks so much like my new favorite bird!

Have you seen the latest issue of knitscene? There are a couple great sweaters in there! I don't have a copy yet, but I plan on getting one soon because I really want to cast on for this in my Yellow Label DK weight yarn, maybe in Sand? or Moss... or maybe I'll make this in my Green Label Aran... I guess I should get moved into my new place first, but I'd really rather be knitting.