And the winner is....

Congratulations Jessica! Twilight is going home to you. In your comment you mentioned that you'd make a swallowtail shawl out of it, that would be amazing! I would love to see the finished result!

I actually had to pick a winner twice, I assigned a number to everyone who commented and then picked a number from a hat. The first number I picked was number 5, so when I checked who's comment that was it ended up being my little brother Vince! I call him my little brother, but he's not that little, he's less than a year and a half younger than me. Vincent is my biggest fan, he lives in Vancouver (I'm in Montreal) he reads my blog and always leaves me comments. I love it, it makes me feel closer to him because I miss him when he's so far away. He has a great blog all about his life as a masters student and a triathlete. At any rate, he doesn't knit, and has zero use for a lovely skein of sock yarn, so I vetoed him as winner. I can't believe he actually won!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented, it was really fun to get feedback from people. Because I enjoyed it so much, we're doing another giveaway. Same principle as the last one, leave me a comment (if you include your e-mail address it makes it easier for me to get in touch with you to tell you that you've won!) I'll pick a winner next Friday.

This weeks giveaway is two 50g skeins of sock yarn in a lovely turquoise colourway that sadly has no name. Feel free to leave a suggestion for a name in the comments! Back when I was experimenting I was dyeing in 50 g skeins, with the two of them, you'll have plenty of yardage to make socks, a scarf, a shall, a baby sweater, you name it.

I'm particularly fond of this colourway, blue has always been my favorite colour, and especially blues that lean towards turquoise.

Girasole is coming along, but despite my race to see it finished I've had to put it on hold for the last couple of days. It's been hot here! The weather said that it was 30C, feels like 37C. That's too hot for big wooly blanket knitting, so instead I've been swatching.

I think I'm going to design a sweater using the textured stitch shown above. It'll be my first design and I'm very excited about it! My swatch has just finished blocking and now I'm going to try and remember how to do math so I can figure out how to design a sweater! I'll keep you posted.

I've also tried my hand at designing my first sock! Here she is in progress. I'm quite pleased with it and think that it could look pretty great when it's all done and blocked.

Check out Connie's blog over at Pick Up Sticks, she's putting me to shame by knitting her Girasole out of Tanis Fiber Arts Aran weight in Chestnut. Why didn't I think of that!? I can't wait to see this beauty finished!