What's going on

I finished Chris's summer scrap socks. I'm really happy with how the striped section in the middle worked out. I used up scraps from 4 different projects. Using leftovers was such a bonus!

Chris loves them.

I've got lots on the go these days. I cast on these socks last week so I'd have something to knit on the metro on my way to dinner. 

Simple, easy, perfect for public transit knitting. I think I'm going to give them to my soon to be sister in law for Christmas next year. 

I've got the front and the back of my Kureyon Hoodie in colour #226 all finished. Trying to balance out the amount of turquoise to make sure that each part of the sweater has an equal amount is a challenge. Some of the balls don't have any turquoise at all, and it's my favorite part! I wish that I could have gone to a giant Kureyon warehouse and picked through 100 balls of colour #226 to find the perfect 12 for this project... but nobody has that many, so I had to order online and deal with what I got. All the balls are beautiful, but even though they're from the same dye lot, there's just so much variation from ball to ball. I guess that's all part of the fun of it. So far I'm loving it.

I darned these socks for my mom. She's been wearing and washing/drying them non stop since I gave them to her for Christmas. I always hang my socks to dry because I live in an apartment and am too cheap to pay the $2 for the dryer, and my socks last way longer, so we've concluded that air drying is definitely the way to go.  Can you believe the amount of fading that has occured!?

All of these projects have been put on the back burner while I knit these socks for a fundraiser that my aunt is helping to organize to raise money for the oncology unit at the Montreal General Hospital where she works. She called me up last week and asked me if I'd donate a pair of socks, I jumped on the opportunity to do some knitting for a good cause!

I'm using the Ribbon of Hope 2008 pattern and am really loving it. I've got one socks finished and am currently working on the cuff of the second. So much fun to be knitting something or a good cause.