Rainy day news

It's grey and rainy here today, but somehow all my knitting projects are extremely sunny! So here's hoping this can brighten your day a little bit.

I've finished my mitered square afghan and it's surpassed all expectations! The border was a lot of work, but so worth it. I'll have a proper photo shoot as soon as the weather clears up, but for now, here's a glimpse at the border.

I've got a basket of leftover's just begging to be knit up into something multicoloured and stripy! I don't have a plan for this yet, but for now I'm content to just look at it in all it's multicoloured glory on my coffee table. 

I'm also slowly working on a Lace Ribbon Scarf in my Blue Label fingering weight yarn in the Plum colourway. It's my first time knitting with this colourway and I'm smitten, this is a great pattern, simple yet striking. I knit most of it on the drive down to the Frolic. It's not particularly summery considering the wool content, but it is light and airy and a fun knit. 

In the spirit of Spring cleaning I had Chris go through my leftover sock yarn bin and pick scraps that I'd knit up into a striped sock for him, he picked very summery shades indeed.

Lastly, in remembrance of the beautiful sunny weekend we had, I've got a parting shot of my two favorite creatures basking in the afternoon sun. They're both sun bathing beauties!