I've been sick over the past couple of days, at first I didn't even knit, I just lay on the couch with Stella and watched General Hospital and napped. Did I mention that Dr. Patrick Drake (aka: Jason Thompson) came into my restaurant last week! I freaked out, he was very gracious. Anyways, when I was feeling better I finished a little Baby Surprise Jacket that I had started right before I got sick. The blue is my own fingering weight yarn in Tidal, and the multi is Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the Lucy colourway. To tell you the truth, I had high hopes for this little sweater. I thought that it would be a great way to use up leftover sock yarn (which it definitely is) and I also thought that because it was so little and cute and because I was combining a solid and a multi that the result would somehow be a little more subtle then what I actually got. The multi is screaming at me! I think I've learnt my lesson, next time I'll definitely do more solid, and just have the multi as an occasional stripy accent. Also, I knit these on 3.75mm needles, the last one I knit I 3.25mm's and though it did fit the baby for a good 8 weeks, it was teeny-tiny, but I think that next time I'll use 3.5mm's. I've learnt a lot from this wee sweater. 

The last thing I learnt is that though the pattern says to cast off in purl on the right side, so that you end up with what looks like a garter stitch cast off, I much prefer the look of the wrong side! That super neat little cable running along the edge really finishes it off. Next time I'll cast off in purl on the wrong side, or in knit on the right side? 

Super close up of cute little cast off edge.

I guess that the theme of today's post is learning, because other then all the things I learnt about making a BSJ, I also took the time to learn how to darn socks today! I quick little You Tube video and I'm officially a pro, I darned two socks very successfully! The third I gave up on because the hole was bigger then my fist... The light bulb isn't random in that picture, apparently you're supposed to use a "darning mushroom" when you darn, but light bulbs work just as well.

And lastly, today I delivered an order to a LYS, and though I'm usually very good about just walking in and out and not looking too much at the yarn so as to not let myself be tempted, today I couldn't resist. I picked up this gorgeous Namaste bag, and it's fantastic! So many useful pockets and clever design tricks. I love my Namaste. And since I was paying for it, I decided to throw in a couple skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn while I was at it. I'm considering it research, I'm studying the dye. 

Even though I had kind of become opposed to knitting socks with no nylon content, I may have changed my mind now that I know how to darn, especially since I've just darned 2 pairs of socks that actually have nylon! And even though I already have a pretty nice pair of socks on the needles, and a super nice cardigan that only needs a right front, a collar and a button band to be complete, I'm 95% sure I'm going to cast on for a pair of luscious Malabrigo socks before this day is over. I've got a pattern in mind, and it's taking all my strength to try and convince myself that I should finish what I'm working on before I start something new... but this yarn is like butter!