Last new colour of the month!

This month my creative juices sure have been flowing! I've added a fourth new colour to my repertoire, introducing Sand:

I had been asked by a customer to develop a natural, beige sort of colour. My first reaction was to think that it would be boring, but after thinking about it for a second or two, I realized that the yarn that I've used probably more than any other is Patons Classic Wool in the "Natural Mix" colourway, it's so versatile and always produces lovely classic results. It's a colour I've used often, who was I to be hypocritical and call it boring!? So I made it my starting point and worked from there!

Above we have my Sand colourway next to it's inspiration, Natural Mix. I took stock of all the things I've knit using either natural mix or something similar, many of my favorite things are this beige/sand colour

I can't wait to knit more favorite things with my very own version of a neutral base. I've been wanting to knit my dad a sweater vest. He'll deny it, but he LOVES sweater vests, drop by my parents house any night of the week and I can almost guarantee you'll see him in one of his many vests. Not only did I want to knit him a sweater vest, but I wanted to knit it out of my yarn and now I've got the perfect backdrop colour for a lovely striped vest sort of like this one. Dad will look great in it! I'm going to put it on the list for next Christmas, or maybe even father's day if things go well.

Chris took this picture of Stella the other day. It was around 1pm, and it was the first really sunny day we have had in a while. You see, Stella's a whippet, she's very adorable, but also very skinny, so she's always looking for warmth, usually she gets it by snuggling, which is amazing, but when the sun comes out she follows the beams around my apartment and lies wherever she has to in order to bask in the most sunlight. At 2pm she can often be found leaning awkwardly up against the bathroom door because there's a ray of sunlight shining on it. I've even come home to find her standing on the tiny little table I have next to the front door where I drop mail and keys. Anyways, all that to say, she's a heat seeker, and on this particular day, she found the sun on the coffee table, where I had left a bunch of knitting projects, so she just curled up among them and enjoyed the rays. 

She looks like she needs sunglasses, the sun was indeed quite bright that day!