A collection of projects and plans

There's been lots and lots of dyeing going on around here lately. I dyed 100 skeins on Friday, it was a big day for me! That's one reason why blogging has been a little slow. To make up for it, this post is going to be pretty random, like the title suggests, I'm just going to blab about what I've been working on and what I'm planning on working on next. So, first things first, I've got this FO to share, I've finished knitting my Assemblage cardigan and I'm pleased to announce that it's a success!

I've been wearing it around the house, mostly in the mornings over my pj's or in the evenings before I go to bed, that's why I don't have a photo of me modeling it, I'm not prepared to put a picture of me first thing in the morning on the internet. I'll plan a proper photo shoot one of these days. Trust me when I say that it fits me just like it fits the model in the booklet. It's slouchy and comfy and cozy, just what I wanted. And the yarn was a great fit for the pattern. All in all I'm very please.

Next up, here's a photo of a new colour I dyed a little while ago, I'm going to finish my Malabrigo socks today and then immediately cast on for my next pair with this. I think that I can safely say that this is my new favorite colour of all time! I'm working on a couple more new colours that will be added to my permanent collection within the next couple of weeks.

Laura Aylor, the genius behind the Lizard Ridge Afghan (see mine here) did me the great honor of designing a new afghan using my Green Label yarn. It's called the Merrywood Throw and it's gorgeous. She's got the pattern for sale on Ravelry and I'm so excited to see more completed versions.

Now that I've finished my Assemblage, I'm ready to start a string of new sweater projects that I'll knit with my Green label yarn, the first is from the same booklet as the Assemblage, it's the Loppem Cardigan, and I'll be knitting it in Lagoon.

I've always really liked this colour, but haven't knit anything out of it yet. It's a bright ultramarine blue, and I think it's just the thing for this cute little cardigan. This should be a quick knit. Also in the queue are the February lady sweater and the Shalom Cardigan. It'll be so fun to be able to walk around wearing sweaters made out of my own yarn! Stella gets too, it's only fair that I do too!