Today I went on a little button shopping expedition. I went to Rix Rax, a lovely store in the Plateau with buttons in boxes stacked from floor to ceiling, just walking in made me happy. The one problem with that shop is that there are just too many options! There must be thousands of buttons to chose from, so trying to narrow down your options and pick the right ones is pretty near impossible. I did my best. I bought blue buttons for my Lagoon Loppem, and I bought lime green buttons for my Mallard Lady Sweater, but I made the horrible mistake of not bringing my knitting with me, so when I got home, I realized that I wasn't super confident about my choices.

So, there you have the blue buttons, the lime green buttons, and their respective sweaters, and to be honest, I kind of think that the blue's go better with the green sweater and the lime green button's really pop against the blue sweater! My goal with the kind of fluorescent green was to highlight the lime green in the Mallard colourway, but when you put them together, they kind of just look like they don't "go". But against the bright blue, I thought it was a really neat, unexpected pop of fun colour. So I did the switch up, and voila!

Now I have one extra lime green button and two extra blue buttons, I'm sure I'll find a use for them somewhere. I got a turtleneck for Christmas that has a random button sewn on the bottom right hem, it's a neat added detail, I may bejewel an existing sweater with a random green button at some point. 

Remember how Stella ate my awesome purple wood buttons from my Drops jacket? I finally replaced them as well, and though they're not that flashy, they're lovely none the less.

Simple copper metal buttons. Now I can finally wear that sweater again! I'm still missing buttons for my Mallard Lady Sweater, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.