2 new sweaters, 2 more new yarns

I'm super excited! I've taken the plunge and have registered to go to my first Knitters Fair as a vendor. I'm going to the Toronto Knitters Frolic on Saturday, April 25. I'm going to have my own booth and just can't wait to have the whole thing set up. I'll take tons of pictures. So, between now and then, I'm probably going to knit exclusively Tanis Fiber Arts projects so I have lots of samples to display. I'm currently working on my February Lady Sweater in Green Label Mallard Colourway. It seems to be quite a trend to knit this sweater in green, and I've always liked this colourway, and people tell me that because of my dark hair I look good in green... so put all those factors together and the decision was made! I feel like this sweater would look good in any colour though. I may make more then one. So far I've got this:

Just a note, I took these pictures yesterday and it was pretty grey and not ideal lighting for a photo shoot, my apologies for so-so pictures and un-accurate colour depiction...

I also finished knitting this sweet little cardigan. It's Loppem from Norah Gaughan Vol.3 knit in Lagoon. It only took 2.5 skeins of yarn and was finished in 4 days. It's missing buttons, and the colour in the photo is not accurate, but hopefully you can gather a little bit of it's cuteness. I was really happy with the way the colour in the yarn behaved while knitting this project. I didn't alternate balls of yarn every other row, I just knit one ball and then joined the next and continued and there is no sign of pooling or weird colour changes or anything! It looks like it was knit from one continuous skein, and isn't that always the goal! I'm very pleased and comforted that my yarn behaves as I planned. 

Next I'm going to share a couple new colurs I've been working on. last week I shared Blueberry (though it wasn't named yet.) Now the parade continues. I've had a request for a deep dark olive colourway, so here's the result of my experiments:

It's darker and browner, less blue then moss, I was skeptical at first because I worried that I had two colourways (moss and this new olive) that looked too much alike, but it's really growing on me.

Next, a very feminine, rich, deep and dark colourway: Plum. It's the kind of colour that I always immediately love, somewhere in between burgundy and grape, it's jewel toned and really quite lovely if I do say so myself. I'm getting in some new yarn bases soon, and I can't wait to try these new colours in them! Check my Shop for more photo's and to purchase these fun new colours.