Orange Blossom Monkeys

I actually have been wearing this FO for a couple of months already... for me it seems that knitting the project isn't the hard part, it's the photographing, editing and then posting about it that gets me all backed up! I cast on for these lovely orange monkeys immediately after I finished my first monkeys back in October. I really liked the pattern, but didn't find that the yarn used for monkeys #1 really showed it off properly, I thought that this yarn would be a much better match. It's Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Orange Blossom. 

I think that these socks rock. It really goes to show what a difference yarn selection makes in the final result of a project.

On a whim the other day I decided to pull out my sewing machine and some scraps of fabric and literally whip up a small project that I've been contemplating making for a while. It's a sweet little pin cushion.

It's cheery and festive, and since I didn't have one, I figured I should make one. It's so exciting when you can take some scraps that you've got leftover from a more "important" project that merited actually buying fabric for, and put them together to make something so sweet and uplifting. (Is it weird that I find pin cushions uplifting?) Anyways, I love it and can't wait to have a studio with a sewing table to sit it on one day!