Summer knitting

This whole concept is brand new to me! I've never had the slightest bit of interest in knitting summery things. I tend to dress in pretty form fitting clothes, especially in the summer, so a knit camisole never seemed like the right thing for me, because I didn't think that it would be possible for me to knit something that I'd ever actually end up wearing. But then I fell in love with this lovely cotton yarn. It's so shiny and smooth and just beautiful, and I wanted to find a way that I could knit with it, and actually make something that I'd wear. Then I saw this and this and decided that I could give the razor cami a try.

I'm knitting it in Garnstudio Muskat #47. It's a VERY bright orange, I ordered it online and when it came in the mail even I was a little surprised at it's intensity. But then I figured, if you're going for orange, you might as well go for bold! 

I've actually knit much more then what I've photographed. I've only got the straps left to knit, and I expect to get them done tonight if all goes well, so then it'll just be a bit of light blocking and I'll be ready to model it! It's crazy hot here though, too hot for a knitted cami, even if it is cotton yarn... I'll have to wait for a cooler evening to wear it, but I think it'll be a success. The yarn is awesome. I love the sheen, the stitch definition, the drape. I will definitely be knitting more cotton projects, so even if this knitted cami thing doesn't work out, this project will not have been in vain because I've found a new lovable yarn!