I'm making progress on my mitered square blanket, I feel a bit weird about it though, kind of how I felt while I was working on my Noro Lizard Ridge Afghan. When I take on a big project like this, invest so much money and time into it, I feel like I really need to milk it for all it's worth! I could work solidly on this blanket for another week or two and probably get it done, but I feel like it really can't be rushed, like I need to just take it slow, do one square at a time and let myself really enjoy it, because if I finish it too quickly, then somehow all the work won't be worth as much or something. That may make me crazy, but I've decided to approach it that way, I knit a square whenever I feel like it, and watch it come together slowly. I've got 3 new squares to share, I've placed them in order of least liked to most liked:

I'm not really fond of the orangy-peachy squares, but I'm working towards a rainbow-like gradation of colour over the finished project, so I need some orange/peach in there somewhere to balance it out. I'm all done with that section though, I've gone through my red, orange and yellow half of the afghan and now I'm working towards the green, blue, indigo and violet section. That's the part I'm really looking forward to, I think I'll like every square I knit from now on. I know it seems weird to be knitting with colours that I don't like, but I think/hope that the overall effect will be worth it. Here's where I'm at so far:

Half done! And I've only been working on it for a year!