long hiatus

Hey Vince and mom, I know I haven't posted in over 2 months, so I thought that I should do a little updating. The lack of posts doesn't mean a lack of knitting or dyeing, I've actually been dyeing more then ever, and I always have some knitting on the go. I blame the move and the computer problems for my slow updates. I'm working on it. My new computer is so beautiful I'm always looking for excuses to use it, so blogging will be the perfect solution.

This is my latest favorite knit. I made this for one of my favorite people. She's having a baby! (those of you who know me and her will know who I'm talking about) And the second I heard that she was pregnant I had to cast something on for her little bun in the oven. Even though she's not due until almost Christmas I wanted to get a head start on making her something beautiful and I wanted to make it out of Tanis Fiber Arts yarn. I chose to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater from Knitters Almanac. I have been wanting to knit it for a while, but had no babies in my life to knit it for. This was the perfect excuse. I knit it holding 2 strands of my fingering weight yarn in Buttercup. It's gorgeous. Totally exceeded my expectations, and of course, I couldn't get a photograph that would do it justice.

The colour variations are very subtle and delicate. The fabric is firm and soft to the touch. It's the first time I've used my fingering weight yarn to knit anything other then socks, so the successful result is very exciting. I knit it in a weekend and will definitely be making another one the next time I need a baby gift. I've already cast on another child size sweater knit with 2 strands held together the bun's older sister!

Tanis Fiber Arts is making progress, I'm now in seven stores across Canada. Business is growing slowly but steadily. I've got 5 new colours in the works. Look for them here or on my Etsy site by the end of the week!