A Rainbow of Socks

I've been working on my own collection of hand dyed yarns for months now. I've experimented and played around with countless colour combinations and dye methods, and have definitely found my nitch. I'm dyeing tonal colourways that knit into a beautiful heathery fabric. If the yarn looks good in the skein, that's great, but the only way to really know how good a particular colourway is, is to knit it up. So, that's what I've been doing lately, knitting socks to test my colourways. Chestnut is being knit into a lovely ribbed sock for my dad:

Chris chose Jewel for his socks (He has very jazzy tatse in socks, I love it!) Simple cables to highlight the yarns texture:

Mom joined in on the fun to knit up Mallard for me (expertly modeled by me!):

Luke is getting something on the conservative side, Shadow, for practical, professional people, of course, with cables for pizazz!:

And I've knit myself my first picot edge sock out of Peacock, the pattern is Mata Hari by Craftoholic:

I have a couple more colourways to knit before I've got samples of everything, but I'm on a roll. As long as no one minds having only one sock! I've knit only the first sock of every pair because I wanted to be able to see many different colourways knit up as fast as possible, when I've gone through the rainbow, I'll start back at the begining and knit the second socks for each pair!