Bright, Versatile and Inspiring colours.

Tanis Fiber Arts is an all Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec that produces high quality hand dyed yarns. I started Tanis Fiber Arts in January of 2008 with no real plan, I just loved yarn and I loved colours! The TFA story has very humble beginnings - at first it was just me, conducting dyeing experiments in the kitchen of my old apartment. Its hard to believe how far we’ve come! Sure, we’re still working from home, but now we have a lovely little backyard studio, and instead of being alone in the kitchen, I get to work with my husband and best friend Chris all day. We’re a real old fashioned, family run business. The day to day operations are handled by just the two of us, but it would never have been possible to get here without all the love and support of the knitters out there! Thanks to everyone who stops by the shop and blog to see what we’re up to!

- Tanis


TFA PureWash  

Our custom spun, eco-friendly, organic, washable wool line of yarns. Available in Fingering, DK, Worsted and Chunky weights.

The fiber is sourced from organic farmers and is then treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it non-felting without coating it in chemicals and polymers. We're working with a local-to-us company to spin the fiber into beautifully soft, bouncy and wooly yarns that take the dye like a dream! We've taken a vote, and we all agree that our signature PureWash bases showcase our favourite colourways in their best light.

Team TFA in front of our backyard studio.