What To Knit Next. The Struggle Is Real...

Oh boy. I'm really in a tough spot with my knitting this week. I'm dying to cast on for a new sweater but I can't for the life of me make a decision about what to knit next. As I was putting together the collages for today's post I think that I might have a bit of a better idea of what direction to go in... but I'm not sure. 

Plattsburgh Pullover image 

So, first on my list is a sweater I've loved since the day I saw it and I know I will knit and I'm even pretty confident that I know what yarn I'll knit it in, but I don't think that it's the right thing to cast on at this particular moment since I'd rather be working on a lighter weight knit going in to spring. This is the Plattsburg Pullover by Stone Wool and I think that it's the perfect casual knit that I would love to wear for years and years. I have just enough Brooklyn Tween Shelter in Faded Quilt leftover from Chris' Cordova to knit this (I really overbought!) and if I can't make a decision about anything else by the end of the day then this is what I'll cast on. I really love it. 

Next up is the one that I feel I should cast on for because it's been on my hit list for years now and I'm getting closer to knowing exactly what I want it to look like. I want to knit a DK weight sweater version of my Seaboard Tank design. I actually cast on for this earlier this week but I chose the wrong colour. It's just not me and I don't think I'll wear it. Last night I was convinced that I should start over in Mint, because I think that a lacy top in Mint would be beautiful, but then I started thinking that I might prefer it striped! Make it super nautical and stripe Midnight with Natural, I'd do the stockinette stitch in Natural and the lace panels in Midnight. I'm getting pretty sold on that option... I think that's the one!

But then that brings us to Indian Summer by Amy Miller. I love this design and can't believe that there aren't more projects for it on Ravelry! It calls for sport weight but at a pretty tight gauge that I know I could achieve with fingering weight yarn which would result in a really beautiful and lightweight sweater. Right now I'm leaning towards using PureWash Fingering in a solid colourway and striping it with Red Label in a speckled colourway, then I'd knit the lace in PureWash Fingering in a coordinating solid. I think that the Red Label speckle would add a really soft texture to the stripes and it would be dreamy! This is the one that I want to cast on for the most because I have a real lack of fingering weight sweaters in my wardrobe and I just LOVE stripes. I just can't for the life of me pick a colour combo. There are so many options and they are all so good! The sweater is knit from the bottom up, so I really have to nail down my colour palette before starting since the lace panel is the first thing to cast on. 

So, I know I started this blog post saying that I had a better idea of what I wanted to do now, but I was wrong. I'm still completely floundering. The struggle is real people. So much to knit, so many colours, how's a girl to choose?

March Club Colourway & Pattern - Floe Mitts


Yarn: March Year In Colour Club - Forest Floor on PureWash DK.

Floe is the March TFA Year In Colour Club pattern and continues exploring what seems to have inadvertently become the theme of this year's Club patterns... texture! Squishy, lush woollen goodness is one of the best things about our craft, so why not embrace it! This mitts are full of that cushy texture I love, and the lighter DK weight yarn keeps them trim and practical. These mitts make holding hands even more cozy. ;)

Available in three sizes, child (adult small, adult large). We were able to get a child's pair (expertly modelled by Rowan) and an adult small (modelled by me!) out of a single skein. 

I love our March colourway. Forest Floor is overall green, but with lots of earthy browns mixed in with brighter pops of lime and turquoise as well. 

TFA Year In Colour Club memberships are available all year long. It's not to late to sign up! Join now and you'll receive your January and March skeins along with the next batch of shipments in March. 

Mood Board Monday - Chocolate & Navy

madeleine, milkshake, hair, leather sofa, TFA Green Label in Midnight Oil, chocolate, model, doorknob, macarons.

madeleinemilkshake, hair, leather sofa, TFA Green Label in Midnight Oil, chocolatemodeldoorknobmacarons.

I can't get enough of this chocolate and navy colour palette. It reminds me of our dark, rich Midnight Oil colourway that we've featured in a few Etsy Updates. Dark blue isn't a colour that I immediately associate with food, but damn if it doesn't look right at home with all that chocolate! And the navy hair!? I feel like it'd somehow super wearable, I always want to do something dramatic with my hair colour, maybe this is it!

Pretty Corners - Vol. 7 + Our New Podcast!

Before I launch into today's pretty yarnspiration images I have big news to share... We've published our first video!!! It's crazy and weird and scary, but Chris and I are YouTubers now. I'm excited to see where this goes. We have no idea what we're doing, but hopefully we'll get the hang of it and a direction for the channel will just kind of emerge. Watch our intro and let me know what you think!

I finished knitting my Find Your Fade! Now to find a spot to block this beast... The leftovers make for some pretty lovely mantel decorations. 

Etsy Update featuring A Rainbow Full Of Speckles!

Top to bottom, left: Poolside, Atlas, Grassroots, Mimosa Top to bottom, right: Paisley, Juliette, Smitten, Luna

Top to bottom, left: Poolside, Atlas, Grassroots, Mimosa

Top to bottom, right: Paisley, Juliette, Smitten, Luna

There will be an Etsy Update on Today, March 23rd at 7pm EST. 

We have been busy in the studio experimenting with loads of new speckled colourways in every single colour of the rainbow! You're a pink person? We've got it. You were hoping for something yellow? You've come to the right place. You can't resist a good blue? Baby, you know we've got your covered!

Tonight's update will feature loads of sweater quantities of speckles in Green Label Aran Weight, Yellow Label DK Weight and Red Label Cashmere/Silk Single. And because we can't resist a perfect rainbow palette we've also made up some of our DK weight Palettes in this perfect rainbow colour scheme. 

See you tonight!

Take It All - My New Favourite Shawl


Pattern: Take It All by Lisa Hannes.

Yarn: TFA PureWash Fingering in *Crystal, Graphite, Highlighter, Seabreeze, Peacock, Ravine, Pink Grapefruit and Orchid. *Crystal is currently an exclusive Club colourway - Chris Grey would be a great substitute.

Ravelry Project page here.

I knit this shawl in exactly 1 week in February. Towards the end I kept thinking "man these short rows are taking a really long time!" thinking that it was something specific about the short rows that was making it feel more time consuming, but then I cast off and held the thing up and realized that the reason each row was taking so long is because it's huge! It's huge and colourful and glorious and I absolutely love it! Like, couldn't possibly love it more, wouldn't change a thing and would absolutely knit it again, LOVE IT!  

This pattern was released as a Mystery Knit Along and I wish that I had participated in it because MKAL's are super fun and I don't do nearly enough of them. The pattern is very well written and would be perfect for a beginner because it's written in bite sized pieces (each section being a different clue for the MKAL) and you'd get to practise lots of different stitches and techniques. It's flawless. 

Did you guys know that in a past life I seriously considered going to school to become a makeup artist? Then I chatted with someone who had done just that and she informed me that her career involved a lot of powdering politicians before television interviews and not a lot of super fun editorial makeup on models and that didn't seem quite as fun, so I moved on. But I still love makeup. When I turned 30 a few years ago I suddenly became more comfortable embracing a bold lip and one thing led to another and suddenly I'm the type of person who wears a purple-to-fucsia ombré lip on a Wednesday. And I couldn't be happier about that. Chris said it makes me look "a little bit dead" but I told him that if he can't appreciate the value of a perfectly executed purple-to-fucsia ombré lip look then he's not the man I thought he was. I mean, does he know me at all?  

This is a very photo heavy post because A) We love photos of pretty shawls right? B) I spent a lot of time on my lipstick. C) I froze my butt off (well, really just my back) for these FO shots and D) I'm very pleased with how these photos came out! The colours really pop against the several feet of beautiful fresh snow we got last week! 

A bit about the yarn and the colours: This is the first shawl I've knit completely in our PureWash Fingering base and I could not be happier with the results! I've knit quite a few shawls in merino/nylon fingering weight yarns (sock yarn bases really) and the PureWash Fingering being 100% merino feels completely different. It's light and airy and drapey and blocks out beautifully  and is just stunning for shawls. I see many more in my future!

It wasn't until I was well into the knitting of this shawl that I realized I had put together a beautiful 8 colourway palette and the pattern calls for 1 MC and 8 CC's, so I was technically 1 CC short. But since this is the type of design that begs you not to get too hung up on those types of details I decided that I'd just repeat one of my colourways. I ended up using the light grey (Crystal) colourway 3 times because I just loved knitting with it so much! I played around with the colours in a few other places - I used Seabreeze for the last eyelet row instead of my CC 8 (Pink Grapefruit) and cast off using Ravine instead of my MC. I also substituted Ravine for the MC in the centre garter stitch stripe section just 'cause I liked the way it looked and I felt like it. I don't consider those to be real mods, this shawl is all about playing with colour and I did just that!

I am definitely FULLY on board the huge shawl train. Until recently I basically only knit single skein shawlettes but now I am living my best life and am basking in the glory that is being able to completely envelope yourself in your awesomely massive shawl! 

Believe it or not this shawl was designed specifically to use all those gorgeous mini skein sets that us hand dyers just love to make. One of our Mini Sock Yarn Skein Sets includes more than enough yardage to knit all the CC sections and since one set includes 12 colours, there's loads of colour-pairing possibilities, especially if you, like me, don't get too hung up on using exactly 9 colourways and are open to playing it fast and loose! I've pulled a skein of Graphite and a Mini Sock Yarn Skein set and put together a few colour pairing ideas for you.   

See all the different shawls that could be knit? So much fun right? Of course you don't have to pair it with Graphite, switch up the MC for a completely different effect. Fig for the bottom right combo, Charcoal for the top left? I love them all. 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

Mood Board Monday - Mimosa

tequila sunrise mimosa, sunflowers, paint, watercolour, Green Label in Mimosa (available in this week's Etsy update)  holographic hat mushrooms, woman, sofa.

tequila sunrise mimosa, sunflowers, paintwatercolour, Green Label in Mimosa (available in this week's Etsy update)  holographic hat mushrooms, womansofa.

We're working towards our next big Etsy update and I'm excited to say that it's going to be a good one! I'll be announcing the date and time later on this week when I've got everything ready. We're doing lots of experimental speckled colourways, including Mimosa, the most cheerful yellow in the world! You all know that I'm not typically a yellow person, but for Mimosa I think I'd make an exception. It's that good. ;)

Pretty Corners - Vol. 6

Pretty snippets from around the house and office today. Speckled skeins on the drying racks, rainbow skeins in line for re-winding into mini's and my current kitchen counter situation... is life even worth living without gummy bears? 

Milkyway French Cancan

Pattern: French Cancan by Mademoiselle C. 

Yarn: TFA PureWash DK in Milkyway - our 2016 Gift Bundle colourway!

Ravelry Project pages here.

I started this shawl with much enthusiasm back in early November and then completely stalled on it. I was going to write that I have no idea what drew me away from working on it but looking at the calendar there's a very obvious answer... the holidays! I got distracted by more "important" knits with looming deadlines and despite my very real love for this yarn, colourway and pattern I didn't pick it up again until February. Full disclosure… I kinda stalled about 1/5 of the way through the border and my sweet mother volunteered to finish it for me. I LOVE this pattern and colourway but had too much going on at the time and it deserved to be finished! Mom’s a saint. I’m so happy with the finished results. It’s pastel perfection!

Would you just look at that gorgeous french braid border! There is very little I enjoy more than a good braid. It's just so lovely. I'm very happy with how the Milkyway colourway knit up and I think that I'll be featuring it in an Etsy Update soon. I can think of a lot of things that I'd like to knit in this colourway, particularly heading in to spring! So pretty. 

I'm starting a podcast and I need your help!

Guys! I am so nervous about this! For months (years?) I've wanted to do a podcast but I've been too wimpy to just dive in and do it. I'm talking chatty, informative video's that I upload here and to youtube. Is that even called a podcast? Or is a podcast purely audio? 

To get the ball rolling I thought I'd start off with a fun Q&A video featuring myself and Chris. To do a Q&A I'll need some Q's to A... so ask away! What would you like to know about TFA? About me or Chris? About knitting? Dyeing? Running a small indie business? Working from home with kids? 

Are you guys excited? Leave a comment below with a question, get creative, they don't have to be serious business, fun/funny questions are welcome!

Pretty Corners

An order of yarn waiting to be shipped stacked on top of a shawl waiting to be blocked. WIP stacked on top of my mantel and safe from tiny hands. Lots of stacking going on around here these days, luckily I happen to find it all very pretty. ;)