The Coolbreeze Collection

An e-book with four patterns, each featuring the gradient chevron rainbow that inspired me so much that I just couldn't stop working with it! The colourwork portion of these designs is deceptively simple, it's all worked with slipped stitches, so you're never knitting with more than one colourway at a time. The collection features a ladies cardigan and hat as well as a baby cardigan and hat. Something for everyone!

Upon purchasing this collection, you will be directed to a Ravelry checkout page. You do not need a Ravelry account to make a purchase; this format ensures that you recieve the pattern as soon as you complete the transaction; no waiting around for us to send an e-mail!

The Stella Collection

The Coolbreeze Collection

This e-book includes the Ladies Coolbreeze Cardigan and Hat pattern as well as the Coolbreeze Baby Cardigan and Hat pattern. Each are available seperately, or together at the reduced rate.

All of the pattern details can be found on Ravelry here.

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the Stella Collection